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Courtlyn Custom Raw Food allows our clients the opportunity to customize their pet’s diet to their individual needs. With an excellent selection of ground products: Lamb/Sheep, Elk, Bison, Venison (farm raised Deer), Salmon, Cod, Tuna, Kangaroo, Turkey, Duck, Pork, Chicken and Beef.
** Currently Goose, Guinea Fowl, Pheasant and Rabbit are not available until further notice

Products are available in: Meat only, Meat with bone, Meat with bone and organ,  Meat/bone/organ with fruit/veggies. They also have a great selection of bones such as necks, feet, marrow, ribs and whole products such as Herring. The products we distribute allow our clients to have control over what their pets get to eat based on their individual needs.

Courtlyn has been manufacturing and distributing raw food in Alberta since 2007! They only use human grade product from federally inspected plants and 90% of the products are sourced right here in Alberta!

All Courtlyn ground product is sold frozen in tubes with crimped ends. It is packaged in 1 pound (sold in a package of 5 or 10 depending on product), 5 pound (sold individually) and 7.5 pound (sold in a Case of 6 only). Pictured from left to right: the 7.5 lb tube is about 17" long, the 5 lb is about 12" long and the 1 lb are about 5" long.
** We recommend trying the 1 lb tubes before you order the bulk Cases. The Cases are NOT returnable as the tubes are not labelled for individual sale.


Courtlyn Customs Website

J-Conn supplies us with Whole Day Old Quail chicks, Juvenile (4 week old) Whole Quail, Adult Whole Quail as well as Quail Eggs and Ground Whole Quail (feathers included).
** Plucked Quail and Ground Plucked Quail are no longer available.

Whole prey options are beneficial as the whole animal will supply your pet with a more nutrient dense option that’s lower in fat. By bringing in J-Conn, we supply our clients with a convenient whole prey source that is whole or ground. Where most premade raw diets are just meat/bone/organ, a whole prey bird will supply DHA, iodine, and manganese and ultimately require fewer supplements. Chicken sensitivities are common, so having a novel poultry on hand can benefit a pet with allergies. Our quail products are sold frozen.
Eggs are considered a “balanced” add on to a raw diet, and highly recommended by Raw Food Nutritionists, so we also carry quail eggs on hand at all times.

J-Conn Farms Website

Glacier Peaks - Pet Wellness Life Stress Scan 

We brought in these tests because we found that we were recommending them to our clients who were struggling with their pets' ailments. We did tests on our own dogs long before we started working with this company and we have had good results for our own dogs, as well as amazing feedback from our clients. This helps narrow down the sensitivities so we can work with them one at a time and  to make diet and environment changes. 

Glacier Peak Holistics is based out of Montana. Tests are required to be mailed back and results typically take 2-4 weeks. 


Glacier Peaks website

Click PDF below to see test results and info about Annette's rescue dog, Mister: .