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Edmonton Raw Pet Food - Raw Food Distributor

Healthier pets start with natural raw food, so feed a species appropriate diet

Feeding raw is healthier for your pet and can be more affordable for you!

If you have tried raw and are looking for more affordable options, have a look at the price list and our selection. With Edmonton Raw you can customize your pet's diet. Are you adding your own fruits and vegetables? Do you want to buy your organ content separately? Perhaps you need single protein options for your sensitive pet?  Are you feeding multiple pets and looking for bulk options?  Or do you just want to order some whole food and raw bones for chew time?   You found the right place for diet flexibility and choice.

We are a raw food Distributor, which is very different from a pet store.  If you can plan your pets diet in advance, you can avoid high retail prices.   Courtlyn Custom pet food is made to order, so we take orders 2 weeks in advance.  Orders are on a schedule, so you can plan your food needs well in advance.  Email your order in and pre-pay by e-transfer, then pick up your order on alternate Wednesday evenings when it arrives from Courtlyn. 

We have 3 pick up locations in Edmonton (Beacon Heights, Westmount and West Edmonton) as well as one in Beaumont  and one in St. Albert.

Edmonton Raw Pet Food is a home based Distribution business that provides the public with an affordable raw food option.   All of our sales team work part time from their homes selling food.  If you need immediate assistance, a pet store might be a more convenient option for you. However, their prices reflect the cost of paying for full-time staff and providing a storefront to serve you. We have a different agenda, to sell quality products and avoid unnecessary costs so that we can save you money.

We also have a small amount of food in stock at Beacon Heights and Westmount locations, email us if you need food in between regular orders. Pick up of stock on hand is by appointment only, so let us know what day/time you are available when you order and we will try to accommodate.

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Courtlyn Custom Raw Pet Food 

Made in Alberta

Courtlyn is made right here in Alberta. They offer a great selection of single protein food. It's a  customizable,  human grade raw diet for all of your pets individual needs. 

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J-Conn Quail Farms  Made in Alberta

 J - Conn is an Alberta farm that offers a variety of whole quail options and eggs to finish off a raw diet. Delicious, nutritious, all natural, farm fresh, hormone and antibiotic free. 


Smart Earth Camelina Oil  Made in Alberta

Smart Earth is made in Saskatchewan from cold pressed Camelina Seeds. No additives or preservatives. The oil stays fresh for 2 years due to its naturally high Vitamin E content

Most pets don't have enough Omega 3, 6 or Vitamin E in their diet. Camelina a great supplement to help with skin and coat, joint health, arthritis and mobility as well as general inflammation.

Omega  3, 6, 9 and vitamin E supplement. 

Per 5 ml - 1.8 g omega 3, 1.0 g omega 6, 1.7 g omega 9, 6.5 IU Vitamin E

Available in 16 ounce, 64 ounce and 3.8 liter sizes

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Pet Wellness Life Stress Scan 

Using Bio Feedback GPH helps us help your pets to find the underlying stressors in their life and diet when ailments become hard to manage. 


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