Product Updates
New products and limited qty available
Courtlyn product not on regular price list (while supplies last):
Beef Tongue whole, average 2 lb $6.30
Chicken Gizzard whole 2 lb Sale $4.50
Elk Trachea, raw, stuffed with elk-tripe-organ pk of 2 $8.50
Guinea Fowl Neck 2 lb $7.75
Lamb bones pk of 2 bones $5.00
Lamb Heart whole 2 lb $8.45
Lamb trachea - Smoked, split lengthwise, 4 pieces per pk $6.50
Pork Heart 2 lb $6.00
Salmon Pieces (big chunks) 2 lb $6.00
Turkey Gizzard whole 2 lb $7.50
Turkey Heart/Liver whole mixed 2 lb $4.75
Turkey Hearts 2 lb $6.00

Goose and Guinea Fowl Update:
Sad news, Avian Flu strikes again. Goose and Guinea Fowl are now sold out and none is available until further notice.

Quail Update:
J-Conn will now be offering Whole Juvenile Quail, 4 week old birds before the coarse adult feathers grow in. This is a good option for pets who don’t like the texture of coarse feathers. 
Adult and Juvenile Quail will be available at end of February. Day old quail should be available in March. Ground Quail will be available in the future (to be advised).
Whole Adult Quail   $2.50
Whole Juvenile Quail   $1.90
Day Old Quail, pkg of 5   $4.50
Quail Eggs – frozen, pkg of 24   $4.50