Edmonton Raw Pet Food

Same team, same service, a new company that isn't new at all

Our adventure began in 2014 when Patricia began BonaFido Pet Products and started to distribute Courtlyn. Annette joined Patricia in 2016.

Previously we sold food under individual companies: Bonafido Pet Products and At Your Service Pet Care. The new company Edmonton Raw Pet Foods is us coming together formally, as one united company to supply the products that we trust and recommend. 

Patricia has been an avid raw feeder and huge supporter of natural remedies and raw food for 20+ years. Her passion for quality raw pet food was partly thanks to her beautiful Dobermans. Although partially retired, her commitment  to provide her dogs and her clients access to quality local food at reasonable prices has kept her active in the business.

Annette’s journey into raw feeding began when she learned that one of her foster dogs had allergies. Vet kibble and meds were so expensive. There had to be a better way! It was raw food. However, it was hard to find single ingredient proteins that didn’t cost a fortune. Feeding multiple dogs and running an animal care service, finding the best quality raw diet on a budget was at the top of her list. Annette found Patricia and the quality of Courtlyn, she joined Patricia and started the team! 


Now we are Edmonton Raw Pet Food and we continue to distribute Courtlyn Custom Pet Food, J - Conn Quail Farm, and offer other products to support our clientele